Casa Remo Resort, Laiya Batangas

Dry season is my yearly torment. It makes sleeping short and difficult, my skin three shades darker, and my sweat glands over active. I consider the sun a nemesis and only good for drying clothes. That's why I've never been a beach person. To enjoy a swim, it has to be done in the evening. It's what I've always preferred to the dismay of my friends. Yeah I know... pretty lame. 

But last summer I made an exception. I was new at work, enjoying the company of my new colleagues, and having a blast in our training. So when someone suggested that we go for a summer outing I was one of those who signified interest to join. Not everyone was able to go though, but those who did, including me, sure had a good time.   

We searched the net for a good resort after deciding we are hitting the beach. We focused on two locations, Batangas and Zambales. Then Jacqui suggested this one resort she'd been to in San Juan, Batangas. It's Casa Remo, one of the  resorts you can find in Laiya. After checking its website, we all agreed it's the place for us. So we set the date, did a headcount, then Trixie called up Casa Remo for a reservation.  
May 26, 2011, the day we'd all been waiting for. We traveled for like four hours via this L300 van that we rented. When we reached the resort, we were surprised to learn that our room had been upgraded. See, we reserved rooms in their apartelle building but some people came ahead of us and took our rooms. The owner was willing to compensate and allowed us to use two rooms in the resthouse, the two-storey structure that looks like a big bahay kubo (nipa hut). It's bigger, prettier, and has more amenities. Of course we weren't obliged to pay extra. We got it for only P4,800 per room, the same amount we were supposed to pay for the rooms in apartelle. 

I was amused to find a playground in the front yard. There is also a videoke in the receiving area, shower rooms at the back of the house and toilets on the second floor, a barbecue area, kitchen (with utensils), refrigerator, and water dispenser. The rooms were on the second floor, air conditioned, with two beds. The owner also sent us a caretaker to assist us in our needs. Sweet!

The playground

As soon as we got ourselves settled in our rooms, we decided to go for a  walk. Casa Remo is not one of those resorts situated in front of the beach. We had to walk for like 3 to 5 minutes to get to the seashore. The beach was dark but not deserted. We spotted some people going for a night swim and some hanging out by the seaside, chatting and drinking beers. We stayed there for like an hour or so.

I was among those who went to bed early. There are two beds in our room. We pulled them close together to allow more space for sleeping. Sleeping on the floor was no problem, thanks to the extra mattresses, blankets, and pillows. I'm not sure about my companions but that night I slept just fine.

The room where the boys stayed (photo by Ian Generao)

My appreciation of Casa Remo doubled in the morning. It looked beautiful, it's clean and well-maintained. The big tree in the front yard that gave me the creeps the previous night suddenly looked pretty under the morning light. 

If there is anything that I found disappointing in this trip it's the beach itself. It is too crowded and the water was murky, just like the beaches in Cavite. I'd been to the beaches of Calatagan and Mabini (Anilao), both are also in Batangas but I sure don't remember the water in those places being this muddy. 

There are many other resorts in Laiya like Laiya White Cove, Kabayan Resort, Palm Resort, etc. There were too many people for comfort. We had to walk a long way just to get to the part of the beach where we could swim a little comfortably. 

The beach (photo by Ervie Villanueva)
By the way if you thirst for a little adventure, some resorts are offering fun activities such as boat riding, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat riding, island hopping, and jet skiing. Unfortunately we didn't get to try any of them. 

We stayed at Casa Remo til two in the afternoon. All in all the trip went well. There were few setbacks but we were able to get through them. As with Casa Remo, I highly recommend it, it's an ideal place to stay in Laiya. 

For more pictures of this trip, click here.

Casa Remo's resthouse (photo by Ervie Villanueva)

Casa Remo Apartelle / Resthouse
Aplaya Laiya, San Juan
(02) 631-0475 (look for Beth)


  1. The place looks good. Thank you for the information. I have been trying to look for a resort where my family and me can have a vacation.

  2. I always try to avoid sun when I was still in Pinas, afraid to get too dark. But life has its twists and turns - now I am always in constant hunger for the sun and getting tanned! When I told hubby about night swimming he flipped out. He said whatabout the sun :-)

    Looks like the place is really lovely!

    Spanish Pinayd to get too dark. But life has its twists and turns - now I am always in constant hunger for the sun and getting tanned! When I told hubby about night swimming he flipped out. He said whatabout the sun :-)

    Looks like the place is really lovely!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. @anonymous - you're welcome and thanks for dropping by. enjoy your vacay with your family :)

  4. @spanish pinay - life is indeed weird. what we used to fuss about when we were younger no longer matters when we get older.

  5. Luvin' the new banner Marj!
    Well done for the upgrade, the resort looks lovely. You're right, the beach is a big let down =( We were invited to a party at Kabayan Resort a few years back, we did enjoy the island hopping snorkling though =)

  6. thanks kristeta, glad you liked it. i worked on it last night :)
    so you went snorkeling? sweet! inggit ako! never done it before. gotta put that on my bucket list.

  7. yes it is lizzieberr, and comfortable too :)


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