Happy National Coffee Day!

Did you guys know that September 29 is National Coffee Day? If you didn't you're not alone. Of course I had to tell you about this, that blog header above and the title should pretty much tell you why. And did I say I am a coffee addict?

Anyway I just learned of it today when The Oatmeal tweeted about it. So are you up to a bit of a coffee 101? Let's do it The Oatmeal style by clicking this link.  

Now if for some reason you can't visit The Oatmeal -- I don't know, maybe you've suddenly developed arthritis that you can't do the right-click, maybe the page takes forever to load, maybe you have to go somewhere, or maybe mom said it's time to go to bed -- allow me then to make it a little easier by giving you a quick rundown of coffee facts that I learned from the site (be warned; it wouldn't be as fun as how the Oatmeal did it).

  • The world should thank the goats. Yes, an Ethiopian dude named Kaldi from the 6th century noticed that his goats were dancing after eating some red-colored berries. That pretty much gave him the idea that 
  • Islam prohibits alcohol drinking but they have no problem with coffee, yay!
  • 70% of the people around the world drink Arabica (mild and aromatic) while 30% prefer Robusta (it's much bitter and with 50% more caffeine).
  • Next to oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world.
  • Espresso is the way coffee is prepared.
  • Americano and "cup of joe" - comes from the American GIs (G.I. is a noun used to describe members of the United States armed forces or items of their equipment. The term is now used as an initialism of "Government Issue" (or often incorrectly "General Infantry"), but originally referred to galvanized iron. --- wikipedia.com)
  • Instant coffee was invented in 1906 by George Washington, not the US president, but a Belgian inventor and businessman. 
  • Hawaii is the only US state that produces coffee.

See, I told you it'd be boring, so go ahead and see The Oatmeal's site. As with me, I will go and celebrate this day by getting me a decent cup of joe.


  1. coffee is LOVE!

  2. Di ko alam yun ah! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Krizzy_kalokangPinaySeptember 27, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    You know how much i love coffee & celebrated it last year at Starbucks =) But this year I was away swimming with my family so had to make do with their house coffee... Bawi na lang ako this week, hehe

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinaySeptember 27, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    it's their own restaurant's coffee, it's brewed naman, so i guess it still counts, hehe. But it's not you're usual yummy calorie-filled coffee, hahaha! =)

  5. interesting fact, i thought you'd include the history of our own motit coffee, or more commonly and appropriately called "kopi alamid."

  6. aren't there any coffee promo during that day? Starbucks, Coffee Bea, Figaro, and Segafredo(my fave) didn't even ride the wind of sensationalism.


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