Coffeehan has a new home

It doesn't seem so long ago when the thought of starting a blog scared the shit out of me. And this is coming from a person who writes for a living. I am not certain about the reason behind the anxiety, but it was there and it took me some time to conquer it. It's kind of like this feeling that I have about starting a book; the desire is present but the will is absent. Then one day, upon a friend's advice, I just gave it a go. I signed up on Blogger and on the 31st of August 2010 published my very first blog post.
Initially, the blog's intent is monetary rather than personal. I was persuaded to write about media events to promote products and services in exchange for freebies and access to private ocassions. Moreover, I also hoped to widen my network, which due to my shyness is really very small. This changed rather quickly as I grew fond of blogging. Suddenly I want to write whatever the hell I want. No longer consumed by the lure of the free stuff, I took ownership of my blog, made it personal, and started writing according to the dictate of my heart.

In line with this, I decided to change the name of the blog from Dear Charles (Charles is my late brother) to Coffeehan, derived from the Filipino word for coffee shop, "kapihan." From then on, it has become my online diary, where I chronicled my life's adventures; food trips, travels, special occasions, personal and professional undertaking, among others. The exciting things in my life that transpired these past few years, I can honestly attribute to blogging. It compelled me to break the humdrum of daily life by trying things I'd never done before, going to places I'd never been to, and then writing them all in my blog. I took blogging as an excuse to discover things to dab on, which helped enrich my life. I used to be a girl with low self-esteem, oppressed with many fears. Blogging contributed a lot in the stripping away of those terrors that had disallowed me from living for a very long time. 

Many things have changed in my life of late, with it comes a shift in perspective, preference, and goals. I feel that I have already used Blogger in its full potential and just like how I moved on to another company, I've decided to move Coffeehan to another platform, Wordpress. It's high time that we embrace change and take this journey into a new level.

To those who might be wondering, I will not deactivate my Blogger site as it contains almost four years worth of information and memories. But I am not transferring its content to the new site, so let's keep 'em all here for reference.

To you, my lovely readers, please join me in this new endeavor and visit Coffeehan in it's new home, by clicking this link. I hope to you see there :)
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